No two gutter systems are alike because each home requires a different size and type to best fit its needs. Gutters can come in all different sizes, but most homes need gutters to direct the flow of water away from their homes during rain storms. The two most common shapes that gutters come in are a “U” or “K” shape. The size of gutter that is right for your home depends on many factors. Five-inch gutters can be used on a variety of different roof styles and can hold a significant amount of water for their size.

Contrary to popular belief, four inch gutters cannot be made into K style or seamless K-style gutters. Only under rare circumstances, like if homes are historic, do they require four inch gutters. Usually when homeowners ask for four inch gutters, they are measuring the smallest part of the gutter, or the bottom side. However, when measuring the top of the gutter, you will find that five inch gutters are the standard size. Five inch gutters are adequate in moving water away from the home for most residential homes. For five-inch gutters, the standard leader or downspout size is 2-by-3 inch. Sometimes, 3-by-4 inch rectangular profiles or 3- or 4- inch round pipes are used, but these are usually for 6-inch gutters. Most residential homes will use 5-inch aluminum K style gutters, but 5-inch gutters can be made from a variety of materials, including bronze, stainless steel, or vinyl.