Heater Cap

As a licensed dealer of Heater Cap, NJ Gutter provides the premium Patented system for protecting your home from the ravages of winter.

Heat escaping through your roof, melting snow, and the water running down away from the heat source and freezing at the eaves is what causes ice, ice damns, and icicles. Heater Cap solves this problem.

Adding insulation to the attic can help but not in all cases, Cathedral ceilings and flat roofs don’t have the space to properly insulate them. Roof Valleys are also a place where ice tends to collect and form ice dams.

Benefits of Heater Cap

  • Prevent ice from prying gutters, soffits, fascia, roof shingles from your home.
  • Avoid hazards of falling ice and icicles to pedestrians.
  • Stop refreezing of ice melt on walkways and driveways.

NJ Gutter is committed to providing quality installation, service and repair of Heater Cap products.

Heater Cap Ice Dam

Gutter covers commonly have problems with the roof valleys (sections of the roof that come together). Valleys are like a funnel which channels large volumes of rainwater at high velocity. Flyover is very common here. Debris is also funneled through the valleys as well. Sometimes the debris breaks down into slurry and clogs the gutters in the valley.

Most gutter protections incorporate a diverter to channel the high velocity water to either side of the valley. These diverters cause more harm than good because debris will collect behind these systems and then overflow in slurry and clog the gutters.

Pine needles are another issue. They are thin enough that they will become encapsulated in the water and flow into the trough of the gutter guard system. Many gutter covers fail because there is not enough room to allow the pine needles to get into the gutters and get flushed out.

In New Jersey’s winter climate, there is no guarantee that the gutters will be free flowing. Why? Because frozen water doesn’t flow. The gutters will be clogged with ice and other debris during the winter.

There is a solution to this problem using a product that has been available for several years, a product that can disperse the heat effectively across the panel and are hard wired into the home will prevent ice build up in the gutters. Products that don’t have an effective heating system will not stop ice build up.


Effective gutter caps require installation training to properly mount the system to the gutters and roof. Most contractors won’t even look at training manuals. Their training is done on your home. Some contractors do onsite training and they may learn a few basic techniques on simple roof styles. Unfortunately, there are several different roof styles on homes. If a contractor hasn’t ever installed your roof scenario, they are learning on your roof. You can purchase an effective gutter cover only to have the effectiveness negated by an improper installation. NJ Gutter is a factory certified installer. True factory certification involves installers traveling to a formal training facility and practicing gutter guard installation on various roof scenarios. The installation learning curve is greatly diminished or eliminated.

Even with the best product and installing company, there still may be adjustments that have to be made to fine tune the effectiveness of the gutter cap. Sometimes, there may be excessive oil on the panel (lubrication applied during roll forming of product) that needs to be cleaned off. Oil and water do not mix, so excessive oil can cause the rain water to cascade over the gutter protector panel. Usually this problem is reconciled after a few rains, or is cleaned off by the contractor.

Rain water fly off may be an issue. Sometimes adjustments have to be made to the valley system to control the volume of water flowing over the gutter leaf guard. In areas where there is a down spout from an upper run of gutters to the lower section of roof, water may fly over the gutter protection due to the volume and velocity. Commonly, the upper down spouts need to be directly tied into the lower gutter.

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