Bergen County

Bergen County

New Jersey Gutter is licensed in these municipalities of Bergen County

Bergen County, New Jersey

New Jersey Gutter is licensed to operate in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Bergen County businesses find themselves in good company. Approximately 14 members of the Fortune 500 are headquartered or have major facilities in the county.

Bergen County enjoys a highly diversified economy driven by powerful industry sectors, such as healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, wholesale trade and manufacturing. We are proud to be home to some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in the world such as LG Electronics, Becton Dickinson, Stryker, Mercedes-Benz USA, KPMG, CNBC and Samsung Electronics America.

The origin of the name of Bergen County is a matter of debate. It is believed that the County is named for one of the earliest settlements, Bergen, settled in 1660 in the area known today as Jersey City Heights in Hudson County. Several earlier sources attribute the name to Bergen, Norway, while others attribute it to Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands. Still others attribute it to the Dutch word meaning “hill” or “place of safety”. Some sources say that the name is derived from one of the earliest settlers of Nieuw Amsterdam (now New York City), Hans Hansen Bergen, a native of Norway, who arrived in New Netherlands in 1633. The name “Bergen,” originally derived from the word for “hill” in Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands, was applied to towns located on hills. New Jersey’s Bergen was originally a settlement on a hill. Therefore, the currently accepted theory is, that the geographical location of the original town is the most likely reason it was called Bergen. The name “Bergen” was later applied to the County, which was established in 1683.