Heater Cap keeps icicles off of your first row of shingles and help prevent ice damage and other severe winter conditions.

Heater Cap gently warms the roof, gutter protection (if present), gutters, and downspouts. It works by using an encapsulated heat cable that is safely hard wired into the home. Keeping the snow and ice out of the gutters is as easy as flipping a switch.

Adding insulation to the attic can help but not in all cases, Cathedral ceilings and flat roofs don’t have the space to properly insulate them. Roof Valleys are also a place where ice tends to collect and form ice dams.

Heater Cap will eliminate the formation of ice in the gutters. Install Heater Cap now and prevent costly future repairs or injuries that could easily exceed the cost of installation. Some other great benefits include avoiding the hazards of falling ice and icicles which could injure pedestrians. And stopping ice melt from refreezing on walkways and driveways.