Union County | Summit

6" Half Round 16 Ounce Copper Gutters

6" 16 Ounce Copper Half Round Gutter

6″ 16 Ounce Copper Half Round Gutter from Classic Gutter was custom installed in Summit, Union County, New Jersey. The half round gutter was installed with cast bronze fascia brackets to ensure stability. The half round style is an attractive feature that definitely adds some curb appeal. The bright copper color stands out beautifully against the dark roof and accents of the home. It’s a great way to show your neighborhood your great sense of style!

Copper gutters are excellent choices for those who like both beautiful and strong gutters. The copper color looks great on almost any home and will develop a beautiful patina as it oxidizes over a long period of time. For those solely looking for the weathered look that these gutters eventually offer, the copper gutters can be coated with chemicals to immediately show the green blue color that is highly sought after. However, this must be done by a professional to ensure an even spread of the chemicals. The patina will develop overnight and should not be touched.

Bronze fascia brackets had to be used because copper is a very corrosive material when it comes in contact with many metals that are typically used for gutter work. This is called a Galvanic Reaction. However, bronze and stainless steel are two metals that do not corrode when they come in contact with copper. Failure to use these when fastening gutters and leaders can result in a weak and unstable system where even a small gust of wind can blow the gutters away. At NJ Gutter we make sure to fasten your gutter system with the correct tools. We treat your home like it’s our own.