Somerset County, NJ

Berger Brothers 6" 1/2 Round Copper Gutters And Leaders

Berger Brothers 6" Half Round Copper Gutters And Leaders

Berger Brothers 6″ Half Round Copper Gutters and Leaders, a custom installation in Bernardsville, NJ.¬†The gutters were firmly secured to the fascia with no. 10 combination brackets every 24 inches. This absolutely ensures that they will not fall down. Our customer chose the copper gutters and leaders to compliment the beautiful wood roof and copper valleys.

Copper is a popular option among our customers because it is both durable and beautiful. Many love how the metallic color oxidizes to a green and blue patina. Some even prefer the copper with the patina compared to the new and shiny copper. For these customers, we apply a set of chemicals to the new copper in order to speed up the oxidation process. Instead of taking years to form this patina, the color changes in about a day. However, this must be done by a trained professional, such as our staff at NJ Gutter, in order to ensure that it is applied evenly.

Copper gutters and leaders must be fixed with stainless steel screws. This is because fastening them with any other metal can result in Galvanic Corrosion, where the copper will actually corrode the other metal, often resulting in holes and weak spots. This means that your gutters could easily fall down with a simple gust of wind! At NJ Gutter, we always use the right tools so that your gutters are installed properly.

The house turned out beautifully. We have a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from in order to match your unique style. The contractors on the job did excellent work.