Somerset County, NJ

 Clean Custom Option With No Elbows

Custom Leader Install No Elbows

Custom Leader Install With No Elbows. This beautiful stone house in Bernards Township was one of our favorite custom jobs. The large roof required 4″ round copper leaders. The customer was looking for a completely custom look on the gutters and leaders and chose plain round leader to match the smooth surface of the half round gutters. When installing leaders without elbows, we can cut the leader at any degree to profile the structure. This is usually done around stone ledges, decorative bands, and water tables. The leaders were mitered and soldered for a watertight seal.

Most elbows come at a seventy degree angle, and that does not always work well to neatly follow the structure. The custom elbows and leaders were cleaned and polished to ensure that they would oxidize evenly. There are treatments we can apply to either oxidize or patina the copper immediately. This application must be done by an experienced professional to ensure evenness. Once applied the oxidation process happens within minutes. The leaders will darken overnight and should not be touched or rubbed until the treatment cures.

We offer plain round leaders in two styles: a traditional style with a hemmed seam on the back side, and seamless laser welded. The leaders also come in different grades. Unlike aluminum, copper is measured by weight per square foot of material. The standard is sixteen ounce. On this job we used a heavier twenty ounce copper. Copper is a great choice for customers who are looking for a unique looking gutter system that also works incredibly well against extreme weather conditions.