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Copper Gutter End Caps Custom Made

Custom Copper Gutter End Caps

Custom Copper Gutter End Caps. This half round sixteen ounce Copper Gutter installation was a custom project in Bernards Township, NJ. This home was being restored and the customer previously had cedar siding. Years of small installation problems had caused a large amount of wood rot and damage.

One of the problems we fixed were the end caps, which we custom fabricated to profile and tuck under the flashing and siding. On the previous installation. the end caps were butted against the siding with no flashing and water had leaked between the end cap and the siding. Some of the water was not going in the gutter. We saw failed attempts of caulking the end cap to the siding. Caulking is only a temporary fix and should never be left for a long period of time.

After being neglected for over 30 years there was severe wood damage, to the extent that sections of sheathing and some framing needed to be replaced. A simple fix of making a flashing end cap and tucking the extra material under the roof step flashing and siding will not let this happen again. In most cases, it’s hardly noticeable from the ground. The gutter was also cut so there were no gaps. A splash guard on the front of the gutter could be added if there was potential for overflow. We do not recommend placing the leader close to the house. If installed against the siding, water will overflow against the house if the gutter becomes clogged or restricted with debris. We were able to pitch the gutter away from the house and this installation did not require a splash guard.