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Copper Leader Bergen County, NJ

Copper Leader Heads

Copper Leader Heads custom installed in Wyckoff, NJ. We also installed 5″ K style copper gutters. These were all added in order to accentuate the front entrance of the home.

Leader heads are a great choice for homeowners who are looking for an addition to their gutter system that not only offers functionality but also works as a beautiful accent to any home. Sometimes, in the event of a heavy rain, leaders become overworked with the large volume of water the gutters are attempting to process. Leader heads are installed underneath the soffit and are designed to capture some of this extra water so that the leaders are not as strained to process the water. Leader heads also are designed to make water pass through the gutter system more quietly, eliminating any gurgling noises that may have been heard before.

Using copper as the material for your gutter system is a beautiful choice as it is very durable and offers a stunning pop of color. Many customers also love copper for its ability to react with the air and oxidize, causing it to change color over a long period of time. The color will change from a bright metallic to a dark brown or even a blue green, called a Patina. For customers who prefer this weathered look over the fresh copper, such as this homeowner, we can apply a set of chemicals that will react with the copper in order to speed up the oxidation process. This must be done by a professional, as applying the chemicals evenly is extremely important and extremely tricky.

Be sure to call our office and ask us about our copper leader heads!