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Copper Leader - Essex County, NJ

Copper Leader

Copper Leader replaced in West Caldwell, Essex County, New Jersey. This custom 3×4 leader was installed with heavy duty copper pipe clips and stainless steel screws to ensure stability. The single copper leader adds a pop of color to the white exterior of this house.

Copper is often a great choice for those who are looking for a non-traditional gutter look. Many love copper for its durability and its unique appearance, as not many gutter materials can give you that bright metallic shine. What makes this material more unique is its ability to change color after exposure to air and rain over a long period of time. After many years, this shiny metal will have reacted with the elements and oxidized, creating a darker brown shade or a blue green Patina. We agree that this can add a lot of character to any home! Some of our customers prefer the weathered appearance that the copper forms over time, and for them, we have a solution! Instead of waiting years for the color to change, we can apply a set of chemicals that will age the appearance in less than a day! However, this treatment must be done by an experienced professional, such as our crew at NJ Gutter, as the coating must be applied evenly to ensure that it looks exactly the way you would like!

When installing copper to a home, it’s crucial to have the right tools for the job. Stainless steel screws are a must for any copper job. Copper has a high nobility compared to other metals involved in gutter work, which means that copper can easily corrode most other metals it comes into contact with. Using improper materials often results in loose or even unsecured sections of gutter that can result in water damage to your home. Copper will not corrode stainless steel, so these are used to secure the gutter work.