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Custom 16 Ounce Copper Box Gutter

Custom Copper Box Gutter

Custom Copper Box Gutter installed at St George Episcopal Church in Peapack Gladstone, NJ. This custom design was made to match the previously existing profile on site. The 6″ copper box gutter shape using 16 ounce copper was custom built on site in up to 14 foot sections to ensure the perfect fit on this beautiful building. The leader that was added was a plain 3×4 rectangular leader also in 16 oz. copper.

In the colder months, snow can be detrimental to any gutter. Snow that accumulates on the roof can easily slide down all at once and destroy the gutter system below. Even if they are hung up securely, snow carries a lot of weight and can easily cause costly damage. A snow guard can be put in place to secure this snow so that not all of it is able to fall down onto the gutter. This also allows it to slowly melt as the temperature increases and slowly deposit into the gutter. Berger Pro 100 snow guards were installed to make sure that any snow that accumulated on the roof would not cause damage to the brand new gutter below. These were also copper to match the new gutters.

The copper color really emphasizes the stunning stone work of the church. The owners of the church wanted something that was both designed to last and would keep their building looking great. We made sure that the box gutters and leaders had extra reinforcement so that they would last a lifetime. The 16 ounce copper will age beautifully with St George Episcopal Church. Our 16 ounce 6″ custom copper box gutter was a great choice for this installment.