Somerset County, NJ

Double Siding

Double Siding

Double Siding custom installed in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. On this newly renovated home we installed CertainTeed MainStreet clay colored double 5″ siding and wrapped all of the trim with aluminum coil. The homeowner made a great choice on installing this color of vinyl siding. The gray color provides a nice transition between the dark shutters and the light trim.

Installing siding to a home is necessary to protect your home and family’s health. Although many homeowners often forget it is there, siding is crucial to protect your walls from rain and wind. There are many different types of siding that can be used on a home. The most popular is vinyl siding due to its low cost, easy maintenance, and durability. Vinyl siding also comes in a multitude of colors, which customers love! Vinyl requires few tools to install, but precision is key. Make sure a professional is taking care of the installation, as some steps can only be done after many years of experience in the field.

Just one slight change in a vinyl siding installation can have a very disastrous, and often very noticeable, effect on your home. Nailing inside and outside corner posts onto the home can be tricky. Nailing them too loosely can result in unstable sections of siding that can expose the wall behind it, making it at risk for weather damage. However, nailing them too tightly prevents the siding from being able to naturally contract and expand with the weather, possibly causing warping. In addition to this, determining how to overlap sections of siding based on the angle they will be viewed from is a skill not many are able to master. It’s important to make sure that a professional is handling your siding work.

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