Somerset County, NJ

5" Seamless Copper Gutter

Five Inch Seamless Copper Gutter

Five Inch Seamless Copper Gutter, installed In Far Hills, NJ. The gutters were custom installed with heavy-duty Raytec Brass Hidden Hangers and screws every 18 inches. The Raytec hanger has proven itself year after year on our installations. We are especially pleased with its performance over the winter months with snow and ice loads. The front hook on the hanger is curved, not bent, at a ninety degree angle. Most other hangers are bent at that point, therefore causing a weak spot. They also added strengthening ribs in the hook. They fit the lip of the gutter snug, but not too tight, therefore leaving some room for expansion and contraction. The screws are all stainless steel so there is no galvanic corrosion with the brass or copper. Dissimilar metal corrosion can wreak havoc on any gutter system as they can cause weak spots and leaks that would require repair.

In areas with higher elevations or high winds, the hangers can be screwed to the gutter through the front lip. However, This process limits the expansion and contraction on the front side, so it should only be done in special situations. Raytec makes lighter weight hangers in brass, so make sure you’re getting the hang fast grade. The hardware is the most important part of the system because it holds everything together! For a small percentage increase on the cost of the material, good hardware can double the life of the gutters and leaders.

The inside miter was soldered, filed, and polished. This adds a very clean look and holds strong. This is a much better choice than box or strip miters. End caps were also crimped and soldered for added strength.