Somerset County, NJ

4" Plain Round 16 Ounce Copper leader

Four Inch Plain Round Copper Leader

Four Inch Round Copper Leader custom installation in¬†Far Hills, NJ. This home was being renovated and our customer chose Berger Brothers six inch half round copper gutters and four inch round leaders. All of the copper material was sixteen ounces. The gutters were installed to the fascia with Berger Brothers’ no. 10 combination brackets and stainless steel screws every eighteen inches. All joints, outlets, ends caps, and miters where soldered. The gutters are cleaned after the soldering is complete in order to remove any residual chemicals from the flux and solder. The clean surface is essential for the Patina¬†process to coat evenly over all of the gutters and leaders.

When we moved onto the leader installation, we faced a number of challenges. In the picture you can see how we did not have straight surfaces to run the leader down. Installing a straight section of leader would have detracted from the beauty of the copper install. In this spot, the four inch round was mitered to profile the chimney, then anchored to the chimney with World Gutter Systems Four Inch Copper Pipe Clamps. Little details like this make a big difference.

Each miter on the leaders was soldered and polished. Some elbows were used to match the system throughout the whole job. All elbows were dry fitted and screwed with copper plated stainless steel screws so they can be easily taken apart for cleaning or repairs. The copper pipe clamps are made with a simple thumb screw that must be removed to open the hinges clamp.

Another beautiful job thanks to our dedicated staff of installers.