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Half Round 16 Ounce Copper Gutters - Mercer County, NJ

16 Ounce Copper Gutters

16 Ounce Copper Gutters custom installation in Princeton Mercer County, New Jersey. This cute cape cod style home was beautifully accented with 6″ half round copper gutters and copper leader heads. The dark color of the copper creates a stark contrast against the bright yellow paint of the home and the red shutters and door. It really gives it some character!

Leader heads are popular options for our customers who want something that will both protect against overflow and will also give their home beautiful accents. These fixtures are installed under the soffit and work to help transport extra water so the leaders aren’t overwhelmed by a large volume of water all at once. They also work to help make the flow of water down towards the ground be more quiet. Many people enjoy these additions in order to help protect their homes and add some extra decoration.

Copper is a great choice for those who wish to have a gutter system that is strong and will age beautifully over time. Many love seeing this metal change from a shiny metallic color to later form a blue green Patina after many years have passed. Some enjoy this color so much that they opt for their gutters and leaders to be treated with a set of chemicals that will speed up the oxidation process and form the patina in less than a day. However, this solution of chemicals must be applied by professionals, such as the crew at NJ Gutter, in order to ensure that the gutters and leaders have been treated evenly.

Thanks to our crew at NJ Gutter, this family will be safe and dry for a long time.