Union County

Custom Made Copper Leader Heads

6" K-style Copper Gutters And 3x4 Copper Leaders

6″ K-style Copper Gutters And 3×4 Copper Leaders custom installation. After many years of dealing with spillover due to undersized gutters, the customer decided to replace them with 6 inch K-style copper gutters and 3×4 copper leaders. Most people would assume that a 6″ half round gutter can hold more water because of its round shape, but this is false. A 6″ K-style gutter is the better option when it comes to dealing with higher volumes of rainfall or runoff. We can help you check your area’s climate to see which gutter style is best to fit your needs. Here at NJ Gutter, we promise to help you find the right gutters and leaders to keep you and your family safe and dry.

Over time, the copper leaders and gutters react with the air and oxidizes, creating a weathered look that many people love about this metal. The elbows and leaders are cleaned and polished to ensure that they oxidize evenly. However, customers may prefer to have the oxidation process sped up. This can be done with the addition of a special treatment that will oxidize and create a patina within minutes. However, this application must be performed by an experienced professional to insure evenness and that the results come out looking exactly as desired. Copper is also very strong and won’t rust over time. Ask us about this beautiful option.

With many styles and designs to choose from, we can help you find a gutter system that is perfect for your unique sense of style. NJ Gutter can help make sure you have the best home on the block!