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6" K-Style Copper Gutters

6" K Style Copper Gutters

6″ K Style Copper Gutters custom installed in Summit, Union County, New Jersey. The copper color was a beautiful complement to the dark brown windows and cream paint. Custom made ogee end caps added a great finishing touch to the job. We can tailor the gutters and end caps to fit your unique style.

In this picture, the metals shines beautifully under the sun’s rays. One reason why customers love using copper for their gutters and leaders is the unique weathered look these pieces will eventually get. After soldering, the copper gutters and leaders are cleaned and polished to ensure that they will oxidize evenly over time. For those who would prefer the green tint associated with an older piece of copper in place of the shiny metal, there are treatments we can apply to either oxidize or patina the copper immediately. This application must be done by an experienced professional to ensure evenness. Once applied the oxidation process happens within minutes. The leaders will darken overnight and should not be touched or rubbed until the treatment cures. Copper is also a great option for those who want both beauty and strength. These gutters and leaders will not rust and are welded together to insure no leaks will occur.

The 6″ K style gutter can hold a higher volume of water compared to the 6″ half round style. This larger size is ideal for areas with higher rain or snowfall, so there isn’t any overflow. It’s crucial to know which gutter style is best for your home based on your location’s weather conditions. We can help advise you on what style will better suit your needs.