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Lead-Coated Copper Box Gutter - Bergen County, NJ

Lead-Coated Copper Box Gutter

Lead-Coated Copper Box Gutter custom installed in¬†Montclair, Essex, New Jersey. These 6″ lead coated copper box gutters stand out well against the brick of this building, giving it an industrial feeling. Installing stamped leader brackets from W. F. Norman and square leaders to match helps emphasize the look.

There are many reasons why some copper gutters are coated in a layer of lead. The first is to extend the life of the copper gutter. Although very durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, adding a coat of lead can make the gutters and leaders even stronger than before! A coat of lead also helps to make the gutters and leaders more resistant to weathering due to acid rain, as lead is very resistant to this type of weathering. Also, the lead coat prevents any staining on adjacent materials. Besides these practical benefits, many like the color! Unfortunately, copper cannot be painted over, so there are very few colors to choose from. Instead of the usual metallic copper color that may be too flashy for some customers, coating the copper gutter system in a layer of lead can give customers the strength of the copper that they enjoy while also matching their style!

Box gutters are an exceptional choice for customers looking for a gutter that can handle a very large amount of water, especially a 6″ width like the gutter in the photo. Although these types of gutters are generally installed at industrial sites to handle a large amount of water flow from a large roof, many are now turning to this option because it is both excellent at processing large volumes of water and offers a great industrial style! Check in with our staff at NJ Gutter to see how we can install this lead-coated copper box gutter for you!