Union County | Westfield

6" K-Style Copper Radius Gutter

Radius Gutter And Custom Made Copper Leader Heads

Radius Gutter And Custom Made Copper Leader Heads, also known as Conductor Heads, custom installed in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey. At this site, we used 6″ K style gutters and 4″ round copper leaders.┬áThe leaders that were used are called Laser Welded Leader from World Gutter Systems with no seams. The gutters were hung with heavy duty RayTec brass hidden hooks and stainless steel screws every 18 inches on center. The leaders were then secured with heavy duty Copper Pipe Clamps. The leader heads were custom made in our shop.

Leader heads are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They are installed under the soffit both to protect against overflow and to allow water to flow down more quickly and quietly. Many people enjoy these additions in order to help protect their homes and add some extra decoration. Customers also love the copper leader heads because of the unique weathered look they have after a long time outside, which adds an extra element of decoration and character to their home.

A K style gutter can hold more water than a half round gutter because of its unique shape. This is especially important in areas with higher rain and snowfall. It’s important to know which gutter style is best for your home based on your location’s weather conditions. We can help advise you on which style will better suit your needs.

The use of a radius gutter allows us to provide the customer with both a visually pleasing and efficient gutter system. As you can see, these gutters are designed to shape to the beautiful curve of any home.