Union County | Westfield

6" Seamless K-Style Aluminum Gutters

6" Seamless K Style Aluminum Gutters

6″ Seamless K Style Aluminum Gutters installed in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey. The installation for this home was very straightforward. The gutters and leaders blend in extremely well with the white accents of the house and really compliment the style of the home.

The 6″ K style gutter has the ability to hold a larger volume of water compared to a 6″ half round style gutter. This is better suited for areas that may have more rain or snowfall. Considering your climate may help you determine which gutter style is the best for you. Our experienced team of trained professionals can help you find a gutter that fits both your style and your needs.

Our seamless gutters are a better option when compared next to traditional gutters. Traditional gutters are hauled to the site in large sections and are then cut and sealed together to fit the size of the home. However, seamless gutters are built on-site and require no sealing together, hence the word ‘seamless’. This greatly reduces the chance of leaks because there are very few places in the gutter where a leak is possible. This means that your gutters look and work like brand new for a long time!

Aluminum gutters and leaders are a very popular choice among our customers. Aluminum is lightweight, will not rust, and is strong enough to handle any type of weather it encounters. Another reason for this material’s popularity is that it can be painted over. This ensures that you can find a gutter and leader style that will perfectly fit you and your home! At NJ Gutter, we make sure to find the gutter system that it perfect for you.