Somerset County, NJ

World Gutter Systems 6" Half Round Copper Gutters

World Gutter Systems Half Round Copper Gutters.

World Gutter Systems 6″ Copper Half Round Gutters installed inĀ Far Hills, NJ. The house on this custom installation had a cedar roof and no fascia. The exposed rafters were the only solid surface to secure the gutters to. The cedar roof also had no snow guards installed. That is always a challenge for any gutter system. After reviewing multiple options with the homeowner, we decided that the World Gutter Systems 6″ Half Round Copper Gutters were the perfect fit for this job.

We installed this system with World Gutter Systems’ heavy duty 3/16 bar hanger. Using the bar hanger tool with great care, we customized the roof bar hanger to screw into the side of the rafter. A simple bend with the tool, and twist at the perfect spot on each bar made for a beautiful job. The hangers were screwed to the rafter in three places with number 14 stainless steel screws. We also used the heavier 20 ounce copper gutters for added strength.

The bar hanger was set so that the end of the cedar roof line was lined up with the back third of the gutter. This ensured proper drainage into the gutter while avoiding splashing and running over the front of the gutter. It is always safest to lower the gutter so snow and ice can pass over it when sliding off the roof. However, the roof was too steep and would not allow us to get it low enough.

Once the hangers were installed, the gutter set in perfectly and was locked in by the copper tabs and solder. Finishing the job with four inch round eighteen ounce copper leader looked beautiful. The leaders were installed to the house with heavy duty copper pipe clamps. Our customer loved the look of the smooth seamless elbows. The leaders and elbows are laser welded for strength, and hold up much better than the traditional seamed ones.

Thanks to our customer and trusted employees for another beautiful job.