Six inch gutters are an upgrade from five inch gutters and can hold a much larger volume of water, almost 40 percent more. They are one inch wider and one inch deeper than the standard five inch gutters. Homes or residential buildings with large roofs, or roofs with steeply-pitched elevations often require six inch gutters in order to capture the large amount of rainwater and redirect it to the ground. Although six-inch gutters are primarily usedĀ for commercial buildings, they are becoming more popular for residential homes as well. In areas with heavy rainfall, the water just can’t escape as fast as it is raining. Smaller leaders can lead to the gutters becoming more easily clogged. If you are experiencing clogged gutters or water overflow, you should consider upgrading to a six-inch gutter system.

Six inch gutters also allow debris to pass through them easier and more efficiently, as the debris has more room to be flushed out. However, even six inch gutters require regular cleaning and maintenance. Most six inch gutters are paired with 3-by-4 inch rectangular downspouts. With the combination of the two, this gutter system will provide a more efficient way to get water off the roof and away from the home. Six inch gutters can be made from a large variety of materials, including aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, or vinyl. Gutter guards, heater cap, or gutter screens can also be installed on five or six-inch gutters.